Equipment transferred (report)

Every drone, binoculars, sight, etc. falls directly into the hands of the Ukrainian military!

“Our volunteers work directly with military applications and provide the Ukrainian military with the necessary equipment to save the lives of Ukrainian citizens!”

IT WAR UA / Technary 2.0
received equipment

air defense military

«Never promise to do the possible. Anyone can do the possible. You have to promise the impossible, because sometimes the impossible is possible if you find the right way, or at least push the limits of the possible. And if you lose, well, after all, you took on impossible task.» (c) Terry Pratchett
— two binoculars, Zavarius 7×50 compass and Konus Tornado 7×50, were sent to the geographical point between Dnipro, Zaporozhye and Donetsk.
To increase the farsightedness of very quiet but stern warriors
— in pursuit of night vision devices with a Bresser headband and Sigetta Admiral 7×50 binoculars, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet went with the Nettle program from ARMY SOS.
Mortarmen in the Kherson direction
— two night vision devices with a Bresser headband were delivered to the mechanics of Acacia self-propelled guns, 152 mm. For covert movement at night.
The same Kherson direction
— two pairs of Zoham EM054 active headphones, 6 collimator sights and 6 brackets with the gentle name ANTIORK.
For the stern and experienced mortarmen of the 115th Brigade, east of the Dnieper River.

We are honored to help the Armed Forces.


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received equipment

air defense military

We are greeted by Cossacks from near Kherson, some 20-30 kilometers away. Defending our land from orcs. Unfortunately, it is now impossible to show their (hilarious cheeky spades) wonderful faces. The guys thank us for modern optics and wish us to hold on and smile.

We believe in the Armed Forces!


received equipment

air defense military

Handed over to the «hands» of the Ukrainian military:
— 4 retevis rt 81 digital radios and 2 Sigetta Admiral 7×50 binoculars for anti-aircraft gunners unit (MANPADS «Igla»), Odessa region.
— 5 binoculars Yukon 8 × 21 for the special forces of the Ukrainian Navy, Mykolaiv region.
— 2 Delta optics optical sights for the MTR unit.
— 2 binoculars Sigetta Admiral 7 × 50 for the air defense crews of the Stinger MANPADS of the Navy, Ochakov.
— 2 Bresser night vision devices with a headband for mortarmen, Donetsk region.
— 8 binoculars Yukon 8 × 21 to a separate guard battalion, Odessa region.
— laser rangefinder Vortex 4000 hd mortarmen, Zaporozhye region.

A great deal for the support, that pennies for the provision of money for the military


received equipment

Naval forces

Every time we read good news from the army of Ukraine, you can just point your finger at the news and scream with joy!
Because we are all involved in this!
On the 149th day of the War, each of us has two options:
1. to the Army
2. for the Army

We buy protected rugged-books for art and mine detectors for sappers.
We monitor our security and the watchful eye of air defense and anti-aircraft gunners and the naval forces of Ukraine, providing them with the «right» binoculars and radios.

We invite everyone to join us!

received equipment

Air defense of Ukraine

Transferred to the army of Ukraine
— 14 Sigetta Admiral 7×50 compass binoculars for anti-aircraft gunners’ posts, Odessa region
— used monitor 46 inches for the ZRV unit for high-quality tracking of air targets, Odessa region
— 3 binoculars Sigetta Admiral 7 × 50 air defense posts of the Ukrainian Navy, the city of Odessa
— 2 camouflage suits «kikimora» and a liter of gun oil for scouts of the 28th brigade, Mykolaiv region
— binoculars Zavarius 7×50 compass for the air defense crew of the Ukrainian Navy, Mykolaiv region.

We invite everyone to join us!

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Drones with a thermal imaging camera

Air defense binoculars

Low-flying Russian missile - will be shot down by the Ukrainian military!

Weather station

Instruments for measuring wind speed and direction


For maritime and reconnaissance forces
DDos Atack
This is the first ever digital war!
The fight against Russian propaganda
Work in social networks and content of the enemy
Communication of information
Using social (FB, instagram, telegram, etc.) networks - to convey information
Development of social projects

7 million Ukrainians left the country because of the war!

Social projects developed by our IT team

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