Help Ukraine win the first IT war!

In connection with the military aggression of the russian federation on the territory of Ukraine, we created a group of IT volunteers who have been fighting on the cyber front since the first days of the war!

Every month we spend more than 24,000 dollars

🇺🇦What are we doing?

We create free social IT projects.

  1. Fighting Russian propaganda
  2. Telegram, VK, odnoklasniki, Yandex, etc.
  3. Bulk emails
  4. Atack: Servers, domains, hosting
  5. DDoS, hacking russian sites, services
For access to a full/detailed list of our IT front end support costs, contact [email protected]
Help Ukraine win the war!

We need your financial support in the following areas:

  • Placement of paid posts in UA telegram channels to inform Ukrainians about free services and assistance centers. Cost per month — 4017,00 USD
  • Placement of paid posts in RU telegram channels — Fighting Russian propaganda . Cost per month — 5200,00 USD
  • Communicating social assistance information through Facebook and Instagram channels, minimum monthly expenses 2450,00 USD
  • A team to work with Russian propaganda 21 people for $ 200 per month. 4200,00 USD/ month.
  • Search for vulnerabilities, development of specialized software, DDoS, etc. Our IT volunteers need your support! 3500,00 USD/ month.
  • Development of social projects to help and support Ukrainian citizens around the world (all projects provide free assistance). Your support is very important to us, the cost is 8000.00 USD per month.


Help Ukraine win the war!

🇺🇦Social projects developed by our team.

More than 7,000,000 Ukrainians

forcedly left their country because of the fighting on its territory, mostly women and children who saw the horror of the war.

We have created online center for free psychological assistance for Ukrainians, wherever they are. 🇺🇦 (EN, DE, UA)

Telegram bot — (UA)

Information for the citizens of Ukraine

Here you can find information on where to go for help, depending on the country you went to: for registration, paperwork, temporary accommodation, medical assistance and food. (

A project that allows authors to earn a living during this difficult time.

The key idea of ​​NFT ART UKRAINE is to financially support Ukrainian artists and UA Army.🇺🇦

The author chooses what percentage of sales he will keep for himself and what percentage he will transfer to the Army. (